We foster a positive and supportive school community in which all members- students, families, and staff members- are welcomed to participate in school-wide meetings, multi-age electives, student learning presentations, and curriculum nights.

Learn more about our Professional Learning Community below:

  • At Compass, we are all learners and part of a professional learning community. We participate in individualized goal setting sessions, data-driven decision making, peer coaching, ongoing observation and reflection, professional literature book clubs, curriculum studies, and action research. Our infrastructure provides opportunities for staff to assume leadership roles within these practices.
  • We build staff capacity to create a school culture that values sustainability and the arts by establishing partnerships with curriculum consultants, experts in the field, and community organizations.

  • We have one early release day per week to provide time for staff development and common planning between classes and grades.

  • Our staff convenes annually for a summer institute where we build our professional community, meet students and families, revisit our mission and vision, create and revise units of study, and prepare the learning environment.