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Family-School Collaborative FAQ

What is the Family-School Collaborative (FSC)?
The Compass Family-School Collaborative is our equivalent of a school PTA.

Who is a member of the FSC?
You are! Every parent or guardian is part of this collaborative. Staff and teachers are also part of the FSC.

What does the FSC do?
Our objectives include fundraising, sponsoring events that bring our community together, supporting teachers and staff, and advocating for the needs of all of our families.

What are examples of FSC events and initiatives?
Fall Arts Festival, Book Fair, Marathon Bake Sale, Family Movie Night, “Out of this World” Winter Dance, Fall Gala, Teacher Appreciation Week, Spring Fling, Eco Fair, Talent Show, Parent Workshops, Dining with Compass Nights, After-School Program partnership with Kids Orbit, and much more!

How do we use the funds we raise?
Last year, we applied funds to three major areas.
-Arts programs: art classes (Studio in a School) and movement classes (Mark Morris Dance Group)
-After School Scholarships: Several students were awarded scholarships
-Compass Closet: we created a “store” in the school that will help kids in need from all three schools be able to “shop” for items that will cover their basic needs like clothing, shoes, coats, and toiletries.

What does the FSC hope to fund this year?
This year, we’ll be funding after-school scholarships and supporting the Compass Closet. We’re also continuing our partnership with Mark Morris and will begin one with Jazz at Lincoln Center. Additional funds will support the school’s integrated resource library and help provide the sustainability, music, and visual arts classrooms with additional materials. We’re also looking to provide funds for field trips.

How can I get involved?
There are several different ways to be involved in the FSC; everyone’s involvement can look different.
-Sign up to be a part of a committee—see the list of committees on the FSC page.
-Volunteer at an event. One hour of your time is worth so much at a school event!
-Show up to events. We need our community to attend in order to have successful events!
-Attend meetings. Once the dates of this year’s meetings has been set, we’ll send out the list to everyone. They can also be found on the website.
-Become a Class Parent.
-Send suggestions and ideas to the FSC Board.

We love to hear from you! Email fsc@brooklyncompass.org or leave us a note in the main office.