Compass Eco Fair


The Compass Charter School Eco Fair is just around the corner!

An Earth-Friendly Day of Fun, Food & Fixing in Fort Greene. Everyone Welcome! FREE Admission!

June 2, 2018, 12-4pm

300 Adelphi @ the corner of Dekalb Ave.
Play yard and Cafeteria

Join us for some Brooklyn Family Fun! We’re promoting sustainable lifestyles: It’s a great day to ride your bike. You can even fix your bike while you’re there at the Mechanical Gardens pop up repair shop…FOR FREE!  BRING your reusable bag and fill it with Tag Sale items or swag. Fill up your reusable water bottle at our watering station. Get half off your iced-coffee when you BRING your reusable coffee cup. Got clothes that need patches? Fix them at the Mending Station. Is your vacuum or dvd player giving you a headache? BRING your small electronics and machines with you. Don’t throw it out! Fix it with the Fixer’s Collective

Bring a friend, Make a friend! Learn something new while you’re there!

Face painting, Seed Bomb, Magic Wand, Flower Crown & Box Fort CRAFTING for all ages. BRING a t-shirt to Tye-Dye or buy one while you’re there. Pre-buy an All Access Wristband for crafts here!

Food, Bake Sale, Ice Cream, Iced Coffee, Juggling by Martin Kalwill & sustainability education. Pick up something beautiful from Jill Lindsey. Check out sustainable books from Greenlight Bookstore.  Dabble in sewing with Soul Collections. Do some digging with Myrtle Village Green. Kids can test their skills at the Camp Fort Greene obstacle course! Test ride electric bikes with Propel Bikes. Join in a family friendly game of SOCCER. Enter our raffle to WIN a chance to vacation in Costa Rica or a CitiBike membership!


All proceeds raised provide crucial educational materials and enrichment experiences for our students. Can't make the event? Donate here instead.

Special thanks to our Sponsors: firstbornPresidoKrisp EventsWilliamsburg Chiropractic & Brooklyn Resource Expo



  • DORIAN MULLER/ Compass Board Member is providing Chicken & Rice Plates, Hamburgers, Veggie burgers & Hot dogs
  • Tadaima Kitchen is providing vegetarian Bento Boxes
  • Krisp Events is providing coffee, iced coffee and Fresh lemonade. Bring a reusable coffee cup for 50% off.
  • COMPASS Ice Cream Cart selling both ice cream and icees!
  • Compass Bake Sale Parent volunteer-driven


DIY Craft Stations:

Pre-buy an all access wristband here for crafts, or purchase tickets at the event

  • Box Forts Build structures out of salvaged cardboard
  • Tie-dye Bring a shirt to tie-dye or buy one when you get there
  • Face Painting & Tattoos Choose the style that suits you best!
  • Flower Crowns Create natural beauty with vines and flowers
  • Seed Bombs Spread flowers on the go by mixing natural elements
  • Rock Painting Unleash your creativity by decorating a stone
  • Mending station Patch your tattered clothes



  • Martin Kalwill Juggler Extraordinaire
  • A Day of Soccer. We are planning a day of soccer as a way to strengthen our Compass community with the opportunity to practice some fun and friendly competition. There will be times for people to come play with random teams for just a few minutes at a time - "pickup".
    AND, there will be times for teams to play in a competitive tournament organized somewhat like the World Cup. Fill out the form in advance here to sign up, or register for a time slot at the event.
  • Obstacle Course and Field games by Camp Fort Greene.
  • Dance with Compass staff member, Maryka! After a short performance, Maryka will teach you some skills. Some of you may want to brush up on your old school moves - the Macarena, the Electric Slide, the Wobble... Or you may prefer to pick up some new school style - Rolex or Milly Rock. Either way you can test your confidence after the lesson with a Dance Battle.


Raffle Items:

Buy raffle tickets in advance here

*Note you must be present at raffle drawing at 3pm in play yard to win



  • Fixers Collective will be located in the cafeteria during the event to help you repair small appliances, electronics, or anything else you think may be reparable (that you can also carry!)

    How it works: Bring your broken thing and place it on the fixing table for collective consideration. The assembled group will share ideas and techniques for repairing, enhancing or repurposing the objects before us. Our skilled Master Fixers provide support and guidance as needed. Each fix is a $5.00 suggested donation.
  • Pop-Up Bike Repair shop by Mechanical Gardens will be located in the play yard. Bring your bike for free light repairs, tire pumping, or tune ups.








Admission to the ECO Fair is FREE.

Crafts, refreshments and raffles FOR PURCHASE VIA TICKETS:

All-Access Wristband for crafts. Provides one each of 7 craft experiences ($34 value)

General tickets eligible for crafts, supplies, or refreshments

  • 1 ticket = $2.00

Raffle Tickets (click links below to purchase now, pick up at event)*

*Please note that you must be present at the time of raffle drawing (3pm in play yard) to win

REFRESHMENT PRICING (pay with tickets):

  • Chicken and Rice = 4 tickets ($8)
  • Vegetarian Bento Boxes (2 types) = 4 tickets ($8)
  • Hamburger = 2 tickets ($4)
  • Veggie Burger = 2 tickets ($4)
  • Hot dogs = 2 tickets ($4)
  • Ice Cream = 1 ticket ($2)
  • Coffee = 2 tickets ($4)*
  • Iced Coffee = 2 tickets ($4)*
  • Lemonade = 2 tickets ($4)

*Half off coffee if you bring your own cup

CRAFT PRICING (pay with tickets):

  • Face Painting = 2 Tickets (half face), 3 Tickets (full face)*
  • Tree Tattoos = 2 Tickets
  • Tie-Dye Station = 4 Tickets (bring your own item to dye, or purchase shirts or bandannas with tickets as below)  
  • Box Forts = 2 Tickets
  • Flower Crowns = 3 Tickets
  • Rock Painting =  2 Tickets
  • Seed Bombs = 2 Tickets
  • Mending Station = 2 Tickets (bring an article of clothing that needs light mending)

*All Acccess Wristband includes basic face paint only. For full face paint, add one ticket.

SUPPLY PRICING (pay with tickets):

  • Compass T-shirts (child or adult size) = 4 tickets ($8)
  • Blank white T-shirts (child or adult size) = 4 tickets ($8)
  • White Bandanna  = 2 tickets ($4)



All Day Activities:

  • Face Painting
  • Rock Painting
  • Seed Bombs
  • Tie-Dying
  • Flower Crowns
  • Box fort

All Day Refreshments
(until they run out):

  • Bake Sale
  • Burgers, Veggie Burgers, Hot Dogs
  • Chicken & Rice Plates
  • Ice Cream
  • Iced Coffee & Lemonade

12 - 4 pm:
Soccer pick-up games and Tournament. Sign up for a time slot here.

12 - 3 pm:
Tag Sale (purchase items with cash or credit cards)

1 pm:
Dance lessons with Maryka, followed by a Dance Battle

2-3 pm:
Student LEGO Presentations

3 pm:
Raffle Drawing (must be present at drawing to win raffle items)



Mechanical Gardens is New York Cityʼs bike co-op: a bicycle repair and
education center where we house tools for happiness and self-reliance for our
community visitors and volunteers! Come by and weʼll be there to help you fix, maintain, or upgrade your bike - or we can help you build a new one! Weʼre open every Monday from 6\00 pm to 9\00 pm at 195 Maujer Street, Brooklyn. We are run by 100% volunteers and community donations. Through a combination of regular open workshop hours, scheduled classes, clear pathways to leadership, and universal affordability, we are expanding public access to bike repair tools and knowledge to help everyone work, play, and live in New York City. Check us out!

Fixers Collective is a social experiment in improvisational fixing and aggressive asset recovery. The Fixers Collective is a Project-In-Residence at Proteus Gowanus and now meets in places throughout the five boroughs. Our goal is to increase material literacy in our community by fostering an ethic of creative caring toward the objects in our lives. The Fixers’ Collective seeks to displace cultural patterns that alienate us from our things, by collectively learning the skills and patience necessary to care for them. Intentionally aligning itself with forces generated in reaction to the current economic crisis, the Fixers’ Collective promotes a counter-ethos that values functionality, simplicity, and ingenuity and that respects age, persistence and adequacy.

Propel Bikes The absolute best electric bikes available. We’ve carefully curated our sales collection to offer you the absolute best electric bikes available today. Everything we sell has to meet our exacting standards for quality, durability, style, and comfort. We go “under the hood” of thousands of products ­ so you can rest easy knowing that we believe every product on our shelves is the best of what’s around.

Soul Collections Sewing Lounge is your one stop Sewing Shop in Brooklyn, NYC for a Collection of Fashion Classes for adults and kids which include a full range of affordable Sewing Classes, Pattern making and Draping Classes, New Soapmaking Classes, Sewing Parties, Sewing Lab for machine rentals, Sewing Supplies, Sewing Resources, Tailoring Alterations and Repairs.

Brooklyn Solar Works We work in solar because we believe it is the way to power our future. We work together because we enjoy each other’s company. We work with you because you get it and want be part of the solar revolution. Our commitment to you is that we will provide the best solar experience available. That means keeping you informed through the solar process and building you a solar system that exceeds your expectations. Our commitment to ourselves is that we build our company to provide the best solar experience in the industry.

Greenlight Book Store As consumers we have the luxury of choosing where we spend our money, and isn't it important to spend your time and money with businesses that you enjoy and value? As with most independent bookstores, here at Greenlight we work hard to hand pick the books we stock, and we strive to curate our selection for you to shop and browse through. We're constantly working on improving our systems, our selection, the store space, our events programming, and our relationships in the community, and we hope that it shows.  We are your neighbors, and we hope, your friends, and we are passionate about what we do.

Jill Lindsey Sustainable Retail the lifestyle brand is committed to working with local artisans from Brooklyn studios, as well as from around the world. The apparel, shoes, textiles, and home goods sold in-store are all made sustainably with attention paid to supply-chains and working conditions. The workshops and events are all meant to enrich attendee’s lives, and are diverse in scope, ranging from floral design and macrame workshops to  3-D printing classes and weekly toddler sing-a-longs. 

Jill believes in positive business growth through partnering with small business owners, and takes a mentoring role with many of her vendors, helping them to think through product pricing, merchandising, and packaging. Future plans for JILL LINDSEY, the brand include expansion into multiple retail footprints, hospitality, wellness centers, and of course, creating more magic in her Fort Greene flagship store.

Department of Sanitation/ DSNY We keep New York City healthy, safe and clean by collecting, recycling and disposing of waste, cleaning streets and vacant lots, and clearing snow and ice. The NYC Department of Sanitation is the world’s largest sanitation department. DSNY collects more than 10,500 tons of residential and institutional garage and 1,760 tons of the recyclables – each day. While efficiently managing solid waste and clearing litter or snow from 6,300 miles of streets, the Department is also a leader in environmentalism — committing to sending zero waste to landfills by 2030.

Camp Fort Greene was founded to provide a high quality, low-cost summer experience for neighborhood children. At Camp Fort Greene, counselors help young people reach their fullest potential in a warm, nurturing environment where children grow, discover, and, most importantly, play.  Camp Fort Greene recognizes children’s inherent sense of wonder, creativity, and thirst for knowledge. Counselors support our campers but encourage children to feel a certain bold confidence in their own abilities, as we know that, given the right tools for investigation and research, they are fully capable of figuring things out on their own. Camp Fort Greene also honors the hazy, lazy, dream-like quality of July and August. We have a high regard and respect for daydreams. We value the fine art of spinning around and around until the spinner becomes dizzy and collapses in a heap of breathless giggles. We seek dandelions to pluck and blow into a summer breeze. We want our campers to know the wonder of friendship, enjoy the beauty of the natural world, and experience.

Wearable Collections is scheduled to pick up donations at the end of the tag sale. Wearable Collections is a NYC based company focused on keeping clothing, textiles and shoes out of landfills while generating funds forcharities.

Worm Women of Westchester are women who give worm composting workshops and presentaitons. We also do consulting for homes, organizations and green businesses.

Scully's Wonderful Stuff is a local Brooklyn business that offers a "chemically-free natural deodorant that actually works" derived from a family recipe passed down through generations.

Green Market is a division of GrowNYC and is behind the many fresh markets we see across the city.

Snails and Fairy Dust was created by Darcy, mom to two awesome little girls ages 8 and 2. The name Snails and Fairydust is inspired by way they view the world around them and how they can find magic this the simplest of ways - like watching snails and building fairy houses.
Snails and Fairydust hopes you will find objects for yourself, your home and loved ones that will inspire you to create rituals in your life which will help you see the world with renewed wonder and joy.



Williamsburg Chiropractic provides advanced spinal correction utilizing "state of the art" chiropractic techniques. Their goal is to help every patient achieve a fulfilling and happy lifestyle full of the activities they enjoy most.

First Born is a design and innovation company who works with forward-looking companies to shape modern brands for a purpose-driven future.

Brooklyn Resource Expo

Presido Media

Dorian Muller

Krisp Events is one of the top catering companies in New York. They specialize in attention to detail be it in a candlelight dinner for two or a large corporate affair and guide you through any planning to achieve the best possible experience.

Tadaima Kitchen