Compass Shares

We’d love to share with you a collection of book recommendations from Compass Teachers and staff, updated monthly. A portion of the purchase proceeds go to support our Family School Collaborative (FSC), funding activities for Compass Students.


“The Kindergarten team loves this book for starting conversations about skin color, differences, and what we can learn about each other just by looking. It uses kid-friendly, yet factual, language to teach kids about melanin and how we get the colors of our skin. Also, it's a bilingual book - great for any students who are emergent bi/multilingual in Spanish.”

Sara, Kindergarten

First Grade

“This is an all-around beautiful book... with mermaids! A celebration of individuality and self-expression, and a great addition to any library.”

Madeleine, Rasha, Laura, and Marissa,

1st Grade

Second Grade

“Beautiful illustrations and imagery help tell the story of a girl who regrets missing moments to be kind to a new classmate.”

Carter, 2nd Grade

Third Grade

“This book, written by a dear friend of mine, is a beautiful story of a young girl getting her hair braided by her mother. We used this book in our classroom to discuss windows and mirrors. So many young girls in our class saw themselves in this book, and many children also got a window into a daily ritual for so many kids. It's become a favorite in our class and is now available at Greenlight Bookstore!”

Sally, 3rd Grade

Fourth Grade

“I highly recommend this book to all teachers AND parents especially those who perceive themselves as "not a math person". It is an excellent resource that will help the way that you teach and support children in learning math.”

Jessica, 4th Grade

Fifth Grade

“Written by the author of Julie of the Wolves and My Side of the Mountain, this novel follows Borden, a teenage boy whose father works in the logging industry. When the government bans logging in certain areas to protect the endangered spotted owl, Borden's father loses his job and Borden becomes stuck between his care for animals and his family's wellbeing. This story is a great read for any child interested in animals, fairness, and family.”

Marc, 5th Grade

“I wanted to suggest this author, she’s a Brooklyn mom and brings up tricky topics in her kids books. I think the compass community would appreciate them.”

Sally, Compass Parent

“This is a book that I often use with children to support the development of mindfulness and self-regulation skills. Kids love to pick out different, or the same, meditations/guided visualizations. Highly recommend!”

Sarah, Mental Health Coordinator/School Psychologist

“When Grace enters a world no girl has before—her school presidential election—a world of adventure and new experiences challenge her.”

Meg, Learning Specialist