When will the lottery be held?

Our Lottery for the upcoming school year is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 10:00AM

How will I find out if my child was accepted?

If your child is accepted into Compass, you will be notified by phone call on the afternoon of the Lottery.

If you are not accepted into Compass, you will need to check our online application platform to confirm your spot on the waitlist. For those who have applied via written application, we will have directions for how to access our application platform for the first time.

How does the sibling preference work in the lottery?

So you may see your child go from #1 to #2 (or #234 to #235) on the waitlist if a second grader gets into the school and their sibling who applies to kindergarten will go to number 1 ahead of your child.

What preferences does Compass offer in its lottery?

Compass offers the following preferences in order of priority:

  • Sibling of returning student
  • Community School District 13 resident
  • Free and Reduced-Price Lunch (FRPL)

Compass’ Lottery utilizes a preference in order for 40% of each grade to qualify for FRPL

Why do children’s places on the waitlist sometimes go up in number instead of down?

New York State law requires that when siblings apply to a charter school and one child is accepted, the other child is automatically moved to the top of their respective waitlist. For example, if sibling A is #1 on the 3rd grade waitlist and sibling B is #3 on the Kindergarten waitlist, when sibling A is accepted into 3rd grade, sibling B immediately jumps over the children who are #1 and #2 on the waitlist to become #1.

Does my child’s spot on the waitlist carry over to next year?

No. We are legally required to hold a lottery every April to determine who gets access to the available seats for the following school year.

Why do you give such little time for families to decide?

We work very hard to afford families opportunities to learn about Compass. We have had a very long waitlist every year, and we feel that it is respectful to the families on the waitlist for us to ask families to decide whether they want to accept the seat or no. After the lottery results are announced, we offer a tour to all accepted families. As we go down the wait-list, we always make the school available for a tour to a family that is accepted.

How do you know how many seats you will need to fill each grade?

Every spring, we ask Compass families if they intend for their child to return to our school. We also ask families if our students have any siblings who will be applying for the following school year. After families indicate their plans, we count how many available seats are left over and use the lottery to fill those seats.


Documents for proof of address and income

Applicants who were given preference in our lottery because they live in Community School District 13 (CSD13) are required to provide a proof of residency that has an address in CSD13. Examples of proof include:

  • A residential utility bill (gas, cable, internet, water, electric or phone) in the resident’s name, dated within the past 60 days

  • Documentation or letter on letterhead from a federal, state or local government agency, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), City Housing Authority, Human Resources Administration (HRA), the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), or an ACS subcontractor indicating the resident’s name and address, dated within the past 60 days

  • An original lease agreement, deed or mortgage statement for the residence

  • A voter registration card

  • A cell phone bill dated within the past 60 days

  • A current property tax bill for the residence

  • Official payroll documentation from an employer, such as a form submitted for tax withholding purposes or payroll receipt, dated within the past 60 days. A letter on the employer’s letterhead will not be accepted.

Applicants who were given a preference in our lottery because they qualify for Free or Reduced-Price Lunch are required to provide documentation proving this qualification. Examples of such proof include:

  • A Food Stamp benefit enrollment letter (e.g. a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or States Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) letter)
  • Most recent year’s annual tax return
  • A paycheck dated within the past 60 days.

If a family is unable to provide the proof required for these preferences, they will be moved to the bottom of our waitlist.