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  • You can start attendance at Kids Orbit any time of year, and pay a pro-rated amount according to when you start.
  • Entire year fees include coverage from the end of the school day to 6:00, a light snack, homework supervision, and daily activities such as Arts & Crafts, Sports, Dance, Drama and Martial Arts. Fees do not include half-day programs.
  • Kid’s Orbit does not provide coverage during the first week of school (coverage begins the second week of school), or for the last two week of school. You can find a list of other afternoons the program is closed here.
  • If you have general questions about the program, please visit Kids Orbit or reach out to the Compass After School Committee via the FSC (fsc@brooklyncompass.org), or Todd Sutler, Co-Director of Compass (todd@brooklyncompass.org).
  • If you have any questions about the registration process, or would like to arrange a payment plan, please contact Rachel at Kids Orbit at 718-768-4426.
  • If you require financial assistance in order to attend after school, please contact Todd Sutler to discuss options. Please note that Kids Orbitdoes accept HRA and ACS vouchers.


Our most popular option—choose the schedule you need.

  • Days are set at the time of enrollment, but may be changed.
  • Sibling Discount: 20% off the second child signed up for an Entire Year registration
  • There is a $75 registration fee.
  • One month deposit is required upon enrollment.
  • Fees for 38 weeks of after school are payable in 10 monthly payments.

 Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 4:00–6:00,
Wednesdays 1:00–6:00

5 Days a Week         Monthly payment: $325
Yearly cost: $3,250
Weekly cost:  $85.53
Hourly cost: $6.59

4 Days a Week         Monthly payment: $315
Yearly cost: $3,150
Weekly cost:  $82.89
Hourly cost: $7.54

3 Days a Week         Monthly payment: $295
Yearly cost: $2,950
Weekly cost:  $77.63
Hourly cost: $8.62

Occasional half days
12pm Dismissal (for family conferences, report writing, etc.)

Children who are registered for the entire year on those days will pay an additional $50 per half day.

Daily Package participants, or children not regularly enrolled for those days, will pay $35 for coverage noon–3:00 or $75 for coverage until 6:00 (or apply one or two “afternoons”)


Buy a package of 10 afternoons
to be use as needed.

This arrangement works well for freelancers, those with family members or caregivers who are away, and others in need of occasional care.

Your child can come for an “afternoon”
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 4:00–6:00,
Wednesday 1:00–3:30
Wednesday 1:00–6:00 will equal two “afternoons”

There is a $75 registration fee
$350 for any 10 afternoons

“Afternoons” purchased are non-refundable and
must be used by June 23, 2017.