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first grade teachers

Rasha Hamid

A third generation New York educator and activist, Rasha grew up in New York City public schools. She taught in Upper Manhattan for 12 years and, during that time, earned a Masters Degree in Special Education from Bank Street College of Education. Her own positive and negative experiences as a student in public schools inspired her to build strong classroom communities where children could support each other in their efforts and explorations.

In 2009, Rasha decided to move to Khartoum, Sudan with her son, Jibreel for a two-year stay. Two years turned into six years during which Rasha taught in an international school, connected with her father’s family, learned some Arabic, began playing guitar, started singing professionally, wrote a children’s book, and got married. It was a busy six years!

When she’s not teaching, Rasha enjoys cooking, making music, writing songs and poems, exploring photography, making all kinds of art, blogging, and hanging out with her family.

madeleine zuck

Madeleine was born and raised on a small sheep farm in upstate New York. She spent her early years gardening, knitting, and mucking out the barn. After graduating from college in 2006, she traveled to Guatemala and spent two and a half years teaching at a women’s artisan cooperative. She helped develop the organization’s elementary English language program and discovered her love of teaching. Later, Madeleine returned to the US and spent several years working with GrowNYC. Initially, she took a position with the Greenmarket farmers markets, and then she transitioned to the school gardens program. She collaborated with teachers and students around NYC to establish and grow school gardens. Then she decided it was time to return to the classroom! She matriculated into the Bank Street Graduate School to pursue a degree in childhood general and special education. While studying, Madeleine worked as an assistant teacher at the Bank Street School for Children. She spent her first year with the 7/8s (second graders) and her second year with the 9/10s (fourth graders). When she is not in the classroom, Madeleine enjoys running, bicycling in and around NYC, visiting her family in Albany County, and perusing the shelves of libraries and bookstores. She is thrilled to be a part of the Compass community!

marissa lopez

Marissa’s love of children, passion for education, and mild obsession with school supplies made teaching her ideal career.

Marissa was born and raised in Long Beach, California. As a child, she loved school. She was fortunate to have teachers who believed in her and helped her realize her potential. She became the first person in her family to go to college. After graduating from Dartmouth, she moved to Brooklyn. She earned her Master’s in Education from Hunter College. She has spent the past six years teaching kindergarten in Bushwick and Harlem.

Marissa is beyond excited to join our lovely Compass family! She will strive to help our children feel ownership of their classroom, their learning and the community we all co-create. She knows that kids come to school with so many thoughts and ideas that deserve to be acknowledged, developed and shared. She truly believes that Kindergarteners are amazing! According to her, “Being a kindergarten teacher is incredible. Every day I am impressed, inspired, and hugged by a class full of five year olds.”

Rosie is so excited to be joining the Compass Charter team! She views every day in the classroom as a new adventure, and loves learning alongside children. A graduate of Brooklyn College, a student teaching placement at the Brooklyn New School sparked Rosie’s passion for progressive education. Rosie spent the last year as an assistant kindergarten teacher at the Manhattan Country School. Over the summer, she works at Brooklyn Literacy Roots, a small community day camp for struggling readers. Recently, Rosie travelled to Sweden, where she toured and visited many preschool classrooms. She is excited to bring some of what she learned there to her own classroom and the Compass community.

Outside of school, Rosie enjoys cooking, hiking, and traveling. Although she was born and raised in Brooklyn, she enjoys exploring neighborhoods and events the city has to offer!

rosie antar